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Thanks to the phenomenal success of our crowdfunding campaign for Phoenix Point, Snapshot Games is now looking for job applicants in the several areas.

Please check our jobs page for more details.

Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is the new strategy game from Julian Gollop, the designer of the original X-COM series. Our crowdfunding campaign was launched on fig.co on April 25th, 2017 and we reached our $500,000 goal in less than a week. The game has been in development for a year, and is due to be released in Q4 2018.

“Phoenix Point Is The Fusion Of XCOM And Fallout We All Want” - Logan Booker, Kotaku

“Phoenix Point promises to recapture the spirit of his original series” - Chris Bratt, Eurogamer

“With its inter-faction diplomacy and strategic simulation, Phoenix Point excites me far more than a more direct attempt to tap into the memory of X-COM would have done” - Adam Smith, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

About Snapshot Games

Snapshot Games was founded in 2013 by Julian Gollop and David Kaye with the objective of developing video games in the tradition of Julian Gollop’s earlier titles with modern, high quality presentation and design. The company’s first title was Chaos Reborn, a sequel to the classic Chaos game first published in 1985. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter in April 2014 and published in October 2015.

Julian Gollop / СЕО
Jullian Gollop
I have been designing and developing games since 1982, including 8-bit classics such as Chaos, Rebelstar and Laser Squad. I designed the seminal X-COM UFO Defense, released by MicroProse in 1994, rated as the best PC game of all time by IGN in 2000 and 2007. I worked for Ubisoft Sofia from 2006-2012 as a game designer and producer on Ghost Recon Shadow Wars for 3DS and as creative director for the first year of development on Assassin’s Creed III Liberation for PS Vita. I am currently working on Phoenix Point, our spiritual successor to the original X-COM gamesI live in Sofia, Bulgaria, with my wife and two children.
David Kaye / President
David Kaye
I've been building games since high school. I started out as a game designer and co-founder at Iron Realms Entertainment, the world's first company to sell virtual goods in games. Since then, I have played several founding roles at companies across the online, mobile and social gaming sectors. I founded Gaming Insiders, a private community for the entrepreneurs and executives who are building the new games industry. My favorite games include Audiosurf, The Secret of Monkey Island and System Shock 2.